Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Science Freebie - Movement

Describing how things move is an essential part of the Prep Science curriculum. This lovely Science Freebie by Little Lifelong Learners covers all the basics and, of course, is free! I will certainly be using this activity with my students this term. Grab your copy here.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Sight Words Freebie can resist a free sight words activity? Not me! Love this little freebie from Playdough To Plato.

Now to get some spare egg flippers...

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Then and Now History Unit

The Then and Now History Unit is suitable for Foundation Year through to Year 2.

This pack is jam packed with everything you need to teach about the historical changes in technology, transport and life from the past to today. In addition to 12 activities, the pack comes with an easy to follow instructions on how to use each resource.

 My students love the flashcards and the easy to use flip book to record their discoveries.

A craftivity is a great way to solidify learning in a fun and interactive way. My students loved making the diorama, cutting, colouring and pasting the buildings and trees then thinking about where they might go. We undertook a short writing activity to go with their displays, explaining what historical changes had occurred in people's lives.

 The pack also includes several text and comprehension question sheets on different aspects of life in the past verses life now.

Below is a full list of the contents of the pack:

- Instructions (suggestions on how to use each of the resources)
- Venn Diagram – Old, New and No Change
- Then and Now colour images for timeline displays in the classroom
- Then and Now Timeline cut and paste (includes suggested answer sheet)
- Old and New Cut and Paste with sorting sheet (includes answer sheet)
- Then and Now in the Kitchen – Text and Comprehension Questions
- Then and Now in the Classroom – Text and Comprehension Questions
- Then and Now Music Players – Text and Comprehension Questions
- Then and Now Telephones – Text and Comprehension Questions
- Then and Now Lighting – Text and Comprehension Questions
- Then and Now Transport – Text and Comprehension Questions
- Then and Now Washing Dishes – Text and Comprehension Questions
- Then and Now Writing Tools – Text and Comprehension Questions
- 5 W’s of Historical Questions Flash Card Prompts (Who, What, When, Where and Why)
- Then and Now Writing Sheet (uses the 5w’s) – Quill
- Then and Now Writing Sheet (uses the 5w’s) – Candle
- Then and Now Writing Sheet (uses the 5w’s) – Candlestick Telephone
- Then and Now Writing Sheet (uses the 5w’s) – Gramophone
- Then and Now Word Wall (colour images with historical vocabulary)
- 5 x Colouring Sheets – images from the past
- Then and Now – Interview a family member (send home sheet – posing questions and written response)
- Then and Now – Ask a family member (send home sheet- draw and label response)
- Then and Now Flip Book
- Then and Now – Diorama of life in the past

Thursday, 24 September 2015

PVC Pipe Uses

I just love these PVC pipes! They are so adaptable and every day I'm finding more uses for them in my classroom.'ve already made some Whisper Phones (if you haven't tried them yet they are wonderful!).

These are perfect for reading groups and allow young students to hear their own voice while reading in addition to focusing on phonics.

Instructions on how to make these are available at Teacherific blog.
My next PVC pipe project will be to make one of these little beauties! My chart is always flopping around in the breeze, falling over or sliding to the floor.

There are two things I really like about this stand; firstly I have very little wall space in my classroom to hang anything and secondly I can dismantle it at the end of year and take it home easily.

For more of these PVC projects check out the Organized Classroom blog.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Where History, Geography and Art meet.

Aboriginal Dot Paintings are a fun and easy way for very young students to learn about Indigenous culture and history. This pack contains three black and white templates for students to select from and step by step instructions for both teachers and students on how to do a dot painting. Tried and tested many times, the Aboriginal Dot Painting pack can produce lovely art work to display in the classroom and integrates beautifully into the Prep History and Geography curriculum on Indigenous Peoples.