Saturday, 4 June 2016

Where the forest meets the sea - exploring the text the Forest Meets the Sea Inspired Reading Comprehension & Craft

Inspired by the text Where the Forest Meets the Sea by Jeannie Baker, this pack contains reading comprehension sheets using the QAR (Question and Response) reading strategy to walk students through the text. Vocabulary cards assist students to explore key words and craft sheets help students explore visual comprehension.

Download here.

In this pack you’ll find:

- Sequence the story sheet (story retell: write and draw)
- 16 Vocabulary Cards (use as vocabulary cards or post on the board as you read the text and come across that word in the sentence)
- 2 Colouring pages
- Cut and Paste Collage Pictures
- Venn Diagram (Rainforest then and now)
- Rainforest Senses Sheet
- Sea Sense Sheet
- 10 QAR Reading Comprehension Sheets

Aligned with Australian Curriculum for K-2:
- Exploring illustrations and noun groups/phrases in picture books to identify how the participants have been represented by an illustrator