Friday, 21 October 2016

Finding free teaching resources online

How do you find good FREE teaching resources online?

There are hundreds of teaching resources online but how do you separate the good from the bad or the free from the paid?

How many times do you see a great teaching worksheet online that reinforces the concept you have just been teaching.. hurray! Then you follow the links and it turns out it's paid after all.. boo hiss!

There are several useful ways to check that a product is:
a) free
b) tried and tested (i.e. is going to be useful)

I highly recommend one website for downloading free teaching resources - Teachers Pay Teachers is free to join and there are thousands of free resources.

Firstly, go the and scroll down the page to see the Free resources button.

As soon as you do this you will see all the free downloads available right now on TpT (Teachers Pay Teachers) and if you're not familiar with TpT this is where you'll probably get a pleasant surprise at just now many downloads are completely free.

Now you can use the search function to search by key words, subjects or grades.

But how can you tell if these products are any good I hear you ask?

TpT has a great way of letting teachers know what works and what doesn't.. the rating system.

A rating of 4 can be given by anybody who downloads the resources and even written feedback can be given. This way you can see clearly how other teachers have used it and if it was useful.

When you've downloaded, don't forget to give the seller feedback. A rating of 4 out of 4 means you really enjoyed the free product and will encourage the seller to provide more freebies!

Lastly, I know my fellow Aussie teachers (and New Zealanders) are saying 'Yes but TpT is mostly for American teachers, there is nothing much for us!' - WRONG. Over 12 months ago that might have been the case but there are hundreds of Aussie teachers on TpT and their resources are often tightly aligned to the national curriculum for Australia and New Zealand. Just to prove how many fantastic freebies there are I've asked my fellow Aussie and NZ teaching pals to list some of their freebies below in the comments section. 

You can also find TechTeacherPto3's freebies here.


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  12. Super post! I especially like the fact of encouraging buyers to rate the resource. That is so important!!...I have over 30 free resources in my TpT shop...that others may enjoy...tried and true...Sunshine and Lollipops!

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